Would you be willing to be a host family for a week?

In July 2019, students from China visited our school for a week to experience what it is like being here as well as exploring the cultural resources that our country has to offer. In return, we had the opportunity to learn from Chinese students, create new friendships and had fun!


As the experience was so successful for students and families, we would like to host again.
For this to happen, we need to find families who are happy to host students from China at the end of June 2020.


Would you be willing to be a host family for a week?


All host families will be paid, and being a host family is rewarding, fun and educational.
If you have a child at our school, we would also like to offer your child the opportunity to be a global ambassador and support our Chinese visitors while here.


We will run workshops helping families and students understand more about China and its people. There will be practical sessions about speaking basic phrases and we will discuss what it means to be a global ambassador and give all students involved GYA badges and booklets.


For more information, please contact  dave.smeath@stantonbury.org.uk


GYAP -Become a Host Letter – September 2019