Learning for Life Day – Thursday 28th November 2019

This Thursday we have an engaging and full day planned for each year group exploring big “life” topics as listed below with Diversity, future aspirations and Justice themes spreading across the main school. All year groups will be with tutors, in their tutor bases or in large group sessions as led by Heads of Year.

A brief overview:


Year 7 are looking forward to a day  where they will be “Celebrating Diversity” by welcoming London-based poet, Adisa the Verbalizer, who brings an inspirational cultural focus to the day, using language and rhythm to explore how difference makes society and communities stronger. Activities will then be in tutor bases delivered by tutors along with the support of Miss Lester as Head of year and with support from Mrs Sogojeva and Mrs K from SLT, based in Portway throughout the day.


Year 8 will be exploring “Crime and justice” by following through a Law case scenario (based upon true events) including a visitor from Woodhill Prison who will present “A day in the life of a Woodhill prisoner” linking in the challenges of facing consequences for actions with the responsibility of society to help individuals make better choices for the future and reintegrate into society. This day will also link with human rights and British values. The day will be spent in tutor bases exploring the Criminal justice system in the UK and rights and responsibilities in society. The Year 8 team will be based in Upper Level.


Year 9’s Diversity day sees us welcoming the Diversity Role Model Team, travelling from London to see us, they will be bringing two teams consisting of a facilitator for each session and three role models. Each year 8 tutor group will have an hour with the DRM team and will address issues around prejudice, discrimination and being part of the solution to make our communities healthier, happier and more inclusive places to be. There will be a session with our Local Safer Schools officer, PC Lisa McKinley exploring how we can be upstanders against Hate crime in our communities. The rest of the day will be spent with tutors exploring the themes addressed. The year 9 team will be based in Dansteed.


Year 10 will be welcoming an Inter-faith panel for the day posing the question of how people show their faith in the local community in MK, considering how religious communities in MK contribute positively to where we live and what we as individuals can learn from this. The rest of the day will be spent exploring how faith makes a difference to society and shapes the world around us. The Year 10 team will be based in Grafton 1.


Year 11 have the privilege of welcoming Toni Moch from Fierce Mind, a local Wellbeing coach and speaker who works alongside young people to support them with emotional wellbeing. One of her big passions is supporting students with academic challenges and so she will be coming to deliver a session on “Managing exam pressure and anxiety”. Alongside this the year group will be experiencing” The Study Skills Masterclass” in the theatre (remember to bring the booklets you will be given). Also please bring a revision resource or something you can use to practice a revision strategy on the day e.g., exercise book, revision guide, etc.  The Year 11 team will be based in Grafton 2 for the day.


Sixth form  focusing on “Imagining the future” by welcoming back some wonderful Alumni, a group of former students who will be coming back to show our current students where life can take you after Stantonbury, especially how to navigate the ups and downs of life while achieving your goals and aspirations. There will be links to study habits for success as well as some time to consider politics, elections and the responsibilities of adult life in the future and how we as individuals can use our voices/votes to shape the future. NB – Some of our Year 12s will instead be embarking on a cultural learning experience by joining Mr Smeath on the London trip on this day.

Aaron Davies will be based in Cooksey throughout the day as usual.