Easter Revision Sessions

As part of the drive to raise standards and help Year 11 achieve in line with their potential, Stantonbury International School is organising a series of Easter revision classes for students in Year 11.


The revision classes will be run by our own teachers and the aim will be to support Year 11 as they approach the countdown to the GCSE exams.


Please see the timetable here


Although these classes are optional, students will be expected to be punctual for all sessions and demonstrate an appropriate Attitude to Learning throughout. School uniform is not required.


To ensure their safety and security while in school students should wait at the sliding glass doors on the community side where they will be met and taken to their class where they must remain until the session finishes before being led back to the gate.


To ensure everything runs smoothly, please can the students be there at least 5 minutes before their scheduled session is due to start so everyone can be collected at the same time.


We hope you will support The Easter Revision Programme and urge your children to attend.

If you have any queries regarding the Easter revision classes or would like further detail, please do not hesitate to contact me.



Steven White

Deputy Head Teacher