Connecting Classrooms -Surfing the Streets Project

Wide Horizons – Internationalism: 


Earlier in March our Year 10 students visited Camden Market, London, as part of Surfing the Street Market, an international project that aims to engage students in the value of street markets in their own and other countries.


We are proud of our Stantonbury International School students who showed confidence and maturity during the visit as they introduced themselves to various street vendors and asked them to participate in their survey.


The results of that survey will be shared with students in our partner schools Rawdah High School in Beirut, Lebanon and the CRPF Public School, Rohini, New Delhi, India who have also carried out similar surveys in their areas.


Our students will then compare the results from all the surveys to find out about the popularity of the street markets, their economic status and the challenges they face.


Each school will then share their findings with each other via an exchange box, through pen pal and emails.

These will then form the basis of an exhibition to be organised for other students, staff parents and carers here at Stantonbury International School in the near future.


A final credit goes to Mr Blaire who kindly drove the minibus to and from London and also took part in the survey by interviewing a Camden Market Inspector.


The students also made time to take in some of the best aspects of the market including food stalls and shopping in Camden Lock.   All in all a very successful Saturday.

For more information on how to get involved in the project, please contact our Stantonbury Connecting Classrooms co-ordinator on