Exams & Performance


We are continually updating the information regarding our examinations at Stantonbury International School. We offer a wide range of courses and are always looking to support the aspirations and interests of our students and our community.


Examination Certificate Collection

Please give at least 24 hours notice by emailing exams@stantonbury.org.uk who will ensure certificates are prepared for collection the following day (only during term time).


Please be advised we are only legally required to hold certificates for 12 months. After this date, certificates may be destroyed.


Students are required to collect their certificates in person. If this is not possible, a friend or family member may collect them on their behalf, but only with signed written permission to do so.


Please see below for Exam timetables and guides:


For further information please contact our exams office at exams@stantonbury.org.uk


To see full details of our exam results across KS4 and KS5 please visit Stantonbury’s page on the government’s performance tables website, accessible here.


For a summary of our KS4 Results (2016/17) please click here