Learning for Life Day (April 25, 2019)


We are pleased to announce that the last Learning for Life day for this academic year is taking place on Thursday 25 April 2019 and will involve the whole school.


As before the entire day will be spent off timetable and students will be informed by their Tutors on Tuesday and Wednesday what areas they will cover.


All students should attend in school uniform as normal.


We look forward to a positive and vibrant day expanding some key skills for life in 21st-century society.


To give you a flavour of our day, here is a brief overview of activities by year group:



Year 7: Community Safety


We have a range of guest speakers, including our local Safer Schools police officer and a Fire and Safety presentation team. In addition, students will be considering road safety and how to look after others in emergency situations.


This includes the online Heartstart programme and using our British Heart Foundation (BHF) kits in some interactive sessions where we can learn how to become a “Nation of lifesavers” as per the BHF campaign.


This will be delivered alongside the year 7 team and members of our First Aid Staff team.



Year 8: Making Healthy Life Choices


Students will follow a range of activities exploring what it means to make healthy life choices, both now and in the future.


Examples of activities include considering mental health and choosing how to support our own

  • Financial wellbeing: budgeting and looking at case studies of when budgeting goes wrong – How to avoid becoming a “Spendaholic”!
  • Careers and future goals
  • Emotional wellbeing: raising awareness of stigma and accessing support – learning to recognise signs of difficulty and accessing support when necessary.


Year 9: Relationships, and Sexual Health Education


Our Year 9 students will be following a range of tutor-led activities

  • Session 1: The Baby borrowers /Carl and Kayleigh story
  • Session 2: It’s the Law – Consent and Tea
  • Session 3-4: The Cyberbully with discussion
  • Session 5: The Tonight programme – Diversity and Inclusion for all. Tackling prejudice and discrimination.


Year 10: Mental health, managing pressure and re-thinking wellbeing


The day will be delivered by our Year 10 tutor team alongside some external visitors. The aim is for students to leave at the end feeling empowered able to take away some strategies and ideas to help them manage their own wellbeing in more positive ways.


It’s easy to feel that we don’t have the answers or solutions when we’re struggling but at times of pressure and challenge, we want them to be able to access a toolkit of strategies built up over time. We encourage our students to use this day as a chance to gather ideas and strategies, ‘mull over life’, in a different way and come out feeling more informed and able to define and carve out their own experiences.


Students will also be participating in some tutor-led sessions exploring questions about society, online behaviours and what impact this can have on our own wellbeing.


Year 11: Study and Revision day


Led by Denise Wisdom, Head of Year 11. Full details will be given to students via their tutors.



Sixth form:


Our Sixth form students will be making the most of a Masterclass and revision day which has been structured and supported by our Sixth form team. Details will be given to student via their year 12 and 13 tutors.